Iuri Akobia
7-15 Hm Hlinka 60 JT, 2014

[1.axb3+? Bxb3 2.Rf4 (2.Rf1 Bc2 3.Rf3 Nb6 4.Nxd3 Nd7+ 5.Kd5 Bxd3 6.Rxd3 Rg6-+ ) 2...d2 3.Nc6+ Bc4 4.Rxc4+ Kb3 5.Nd4+ Ka2! (5...Kxb2? 6.Rc2+= ) 6.Ra4+ Kb1 (6...Kxb2? 7.Rb4+ Kc1 8.Nb3+ Kc2 9.Nxd2 Kxd2 10.Rb8! Rh1 11.Ra8 Ra1 12.g5 Ne7 13.g6= ) ] 1...bxa2 2.Nxa2+ Kb3 3.Nc1+! [3.Nb4? Nb6 4.Nxd3 Bc4 5.Ne5 (5.Nf2 Nd7+ 6.Kd4 Rd6+ 7.Ke3 Rd5-+ ) 5...Na4+ 6.Kd4 Rd6+ 7.Ke4 Nc5+ 8.Kf3 Be6 9.g5 Rd5 10.Nc6 Kxb2-+ ] 3...Kxb2 [3...Kc2 4.Nxd3 Kxd3 5.Rd4+ Ke3 6.Rxd5 Rb6 (6...Kf4 7.Rd4+ Kg5 8.Rd8 Ne7 9.Rd6= ) 7.Rd1! Rxb2 8.g5 Rb5+ 9.Kc6 Ne7+ 10.Kd6 Nf5+ 11.Kc7 Nd4 12.Ra1 a5 13.g6 Rg5 14.Ra3+ Kf4 15.Kb6= ] 4.Nxd3+ Kc3! [4...Kb3 5.Kxd5= ] 5.g5! [5.Kxd5? Kxd3 6.Rf3+ Kc2 7.g5 Rg6 8.Rg3 (8.Kd4 Ne7 9.Rc3+ Kb2 10.Rc5 Kb3 11.Ke4 Kb4 12.Rc7 Re6+ 13.Kd3 a5-+ ) 8...Nd6 9.Rg1 Kb3 10.Rb1+ Ka4-+ ] 5...Rg6! [5...Rh5 6.Kxd5 Rxg5+ 7.Ke4= ] 6.Ne5! [6.Kxd5? Kxd3 7.Rf3+ Ke2 8.Rg3 Nd6 9.Ra3 (9.Rg1 Nf7-+ ) 9...Nf7 10.Ra2+ Ke3 11.Ra3+ Kf4-+ ] 6...Rxg5 [6...Rd6 7.Rd4 Bg8 8.Rxd6 Nxd6 9.Kxd6 a5 10.Nc6 a4 11.Kc5 a3 12.Nb4= ] 7.Rf3+!! Bxf3 model mirror stalemate with the night pin! The study is based on incorrect version of same author (Szachy, 1983).