Iuri Akobia
2/3 Sp. Pr. Mario Garcia-65JT , 2013
[Section Win]

[Thematic Try: 1.Rb1? Nb6! (Not 1...Bc6? 2.Kd4 Kf3 3.Ng5+ Kxf2 4.Nh3+ Kg3 5.Ng1 Kf2 6.Nxe2+- ; Not 1...Kf3? 2.Ng5+ Kxf2 3.Nh3+ Kg3 4.Ng1+- ) 2.Kd4 Kf4 3.Nf6 Kf3 4.Kd3 Ba6+ 5.Kd2 Nc4+ 6.Ke1 Ne5 7.Rb3+ Nd3+ 8.Rxd3+ Bxd3= ; 1.Rg1+? Kf3 2.Ng5+ Kxf2 3.Nh3+ Ke3!= (Not 3...Kf3? 4.Rb1!+- ) ; 1.f4? Nb6! 2.f5 (2.Re1 Kf3 3.f5 Kf2= ) 2...Nc4+ 3.Kd4 Na3 4.Kd3 Ba6+ 5.Kd2 Kxf5= ] 1...Kf3 2.Ng5+ [2.Nf6 Kxf2 (2...Nb6 3.Kc5 Na4+ 4.Kb4 Nb6 5.a4 Nxa4 6.Kxa4 Kxf2 ) 3.Ng4+ Kg2 4.Ke3 Ba6 ] 2...Kxf2 3.Nh3+ Kg3 4.Ng1 Kf2 5.Nxe2 Kxe2 6.Rb1 Bf3! 7.Rb2+ Kf1 8.a3! zz [Thematic try: 8.a4? and a study-within-a-study: 8...Nc7! zz 9.a5 (9.Ke3 Bc6 10.a5 Bb5 11.Kd4 Ke1! 12.Kc5 Bd3! 13.Kb6 Nd5+ 14.Kc5 Nc7 positional draw 15.Rb7 Na6+= ) 9...Na6 10.Ke3 (10.Rb6 Be2 11.Ke3 Bc4! 12.Kd4 Be2 13.Ke3 Bc4 14.Rc6 Bb5 15.Rb6 Bc4 positional draw) 10...Bd5 11.Kd4 Bf3 12.Rb6 Be2 13.Ke3 Bc4 14.Kd4 positional draw 14...Be2 15.Ke3 Bc4 16.Rc6 Bb5 17.Rb6 Bc4 18.Rc6 Bb5= positional draw; Try: 8.Kc5? Nc7 9.a4 Ke1! 10.a5 Be4 11.Rb6 Bd3 12.Rc6 Na6+ 13.Kb6 (13.Kd4 ) 13...Nb4= (Kd2)] 8...Nc7 9.a4 zz 9...Na6 [9...Bc6 10.a5 ] 10.Rb6! [10.Ke3? Bc6! 11.a5 Bd5! 12.Rb6 Bc4 13.Rc6 Bb5= 14.Rb6 Bc4 as in the thematic try] 10...Nc7! 11.Kc5! [11.Rb2? Na6 12.Rb6 Nc7 waste of time] 11...Be2 12.Rb2! Ke1 13.Kb6 Nd5+ 14.Kc6! Ne7+ 15.Kd6! Nf5+ 16.Kc5! [16.Ke5? Ne3 17.Kd4 Nf5+ 18.Kc5 waste of time] 16...Kd1 17.a5+-.