Iuri Akobia (with P.Arestov)
1.p Khatyamov 70 MT, 2012

1.Ke6! e3
[1...Rc1 2.Ke5 Rc5+ 3.Kxe4 Rxb5 4.Kxf3= ; 1...Rb1 2.Bc4 Kg7 3.Ke5 e3 4.Kf4 e2 5.Bxe2 fxe2 6.Rxe2 Rg1 7.Rh2 g5+ 8.Kf3= ]
[2.Rxh3? f2 3.Rf3 Rb1 4.Bc4 Rc1 5.Bb5 Rc3 6.Rf4 Kg7 7.Rf7+ Kh6-+ ] 2...f2 3.Bc4+! logical intermediate move to force the bK to stand on the "required" square [Thematic try (logical) 3.Kxg6? f1Q 4.Bxf1 Rxf1 zz, wtm 5.Kg5 Kg7! zz wtm 6.Kg4 Kf6! 7.Re2 h2! 8.Rxh2 Ke5 9.Ra2 Ke4! 10.Ra4+ Kd3 11.Ra3+ Kd2! 12.Ra2+ Ke1 13.Ra1+ Ke2-+ ] 3...Kf8 4.Kxg6 f1Q 5.Bxf1 Rxf1 6.Re2! Kg8 [6...Ke7 7.Rxe3+= ] 7.Rh2! zz, btm 7...Rf3 8.Kg5 Kg7 9.Kg4 Rf2 10.Rxh3 e2 11.Re3=.