Iuri Akobia (with D.Gurgenidze)
1.p ARVES Jenever TT, 2011

1.Re8+ Kf1! 2.Sg3+ Kf2 [2...Kg1 3.Bd4++- ] 3.Se4+ Ke2 4.Sxd2+ Kxd2 5.Bc3+!! [5.Rd6+? Rxd6 6.Bc3+ Kxc3 7.h8Q+ Kd2= ; 5.Rd8+? Ke2! (5...Ke3? 6.Bd4+ Kf3 7.Kb2+- ) 6.Re8+ Kd1 7.Rd8+ Ke2= ] 5...Kxc3 [5...Kd3 6.Re1 Rh1 7.Kb2+- ] 6.Rc6+! [6.Rc8+?? Kd3 7.Kb2 g1Q-+ ] 6...Kd2 [6...Kd3 7.Rd8+ Ke4 8.Rc4+ Ke3 9.Rc3+ Ke4 10.Rg8!+- ] 7.Rd8+ Kc1 8.Rxh6 [8.Rg8? Rxc6 9.Rxg2 Rh6= (9...Rc8? 10.Rg8+- ) ; 8.Rdc8? Rxc6 9.h8Q g1Q= ] 8...g1B! [8...g1Q 9.Rh1 (9.h8B? Qg7+! 10.Rf6 Qxf6+ 11.Bxf6 stalemate) 9...Qxh1 10.h8Q+- ] 9.h8B! - Phoenix of bishop! [9.h8Q? Bd4+! 10.Rxd4 (Qxd4) stalemate; 9.Rh1? stalemate with pin of bishop] 9...Bd4+ 10.Bxd4+-

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