Iuri Akobia (with M.Garcia)
4. p Olimpiya Duniasi, 2011

1.Qe3! Kd8! 2.Qb3 Rc8+ 3.Bb8 Sc7+ 4.Kb7
(Ka7) 4...Sd5+ 5.Ka6 Rc6+ 6.Ka5 Rc5+ 7.Ka6 [7.Ka4? Rc3 8.Qb5 Kc8-+ ] 7...Rxc2 8.Qg3! [try 8.Ka5!? Rc3 9.Qa4 Kc8 10.Ka6 Se7 11.Ba7 Rc6+ 12.Bb6 Kb8 13.Qf4+ Rdd6 14.Qf8+ Sc8-+ ] 8...Ra2+ [8...Kc8 9.Qh3 Ra2+ 10.Kb5 Rb2+ 11.Kc6 (Kc5) with easy draw] 9.Kb5 Rb2+ 10.Kc4 (Kc5) 10...Rc2+ 11.Kd4 Sc7+ 12.Ke4! Rc4+ 13.Kf5! Rd5+ 14.Kg6! [try 14.Kf6!? Rc6+ 15.Kf7 (15.Kg7 Se6+ 16.Kf7 Sg5+!-+ ) 15...Rf5+ 16.Kg8 (16.Kg7 Se8+ 17.Kh7 Sf6+ 18.Kg6 Rb5! 19.Kf7 Rb7+-+ ) 16...Sd5! 17.Kg7 Ke8! 18.Bd6 Rf7+ 19.Kh8 Kd7!-+ ] 14...Rc6+ 15.Kh7! [15.Kg7!? Se6+ etc as in the try line 14.Kf6!?] 15...Rd7+ 16.Kg8 Sd5 17.Be5! [Try 17.Qg5+!? Sf6+ 18.Kf8 Rd5 19.Qg3 Kc8 20.Bf4 Rf5! 21.Qg2 (21.Qh3 Sg4+-+ ) 21...Se4+-+ ] 17...Re6 18.Bg7! Re8+ (compare with the position after 4...Nd5) 19.Kh7= wK from a8 to g8!