Iuri Akobia (with S.Didukh)
Ural Problemist, 2010

[Thematic try 1.Rb7!? b1Q 2.Rxb1+ Kxb1 3.a6 f4 4.a7 f3 zz 5.Rf7 Kc1! (5...Kc2 6.Kb7 ) 6.Rc7+ Rc2 7.Kb8 Rxc7 8.a8Q Rf7! 9.Qa1+ Kd2 10.Qa2+ Ke1 11.Qxf7 f2= ] 1...b1Q [1...f4 2.Rfb7 f3 3.a6 Re2 4.a7 f2 5.Ra6+ Kb1 6.Rf7 Kc2 7.Rb6 b1Q 8.Rc7++- ] 2.Rxb1+ Kxb1 3.a6 f4 4.a7 f3 5.Rf6! zz [5.Rf5? Kc1 6.Rc5+ Rc2 7.Kb7 Rxc5 8.a8Q Kd2 /d1= (8...Rf5? 9.Qc8++- ) ; 5.Rb7+? Rb2= ] 5...Kc1 6.Rc6+ Rc2 [6...Kd1 7.Rc3+- ; 6...Kd2 7.Kb7+- ] 7.Kb7 Rxc6 8.a8Q Rf6 (It is amusing, that the third rook appears on f6) [8...f2 9.Qf8! Rc2 10.Qf3+- ; 8...Rc2 9.Qa1+ Kd2 10.Qd4+ Ke2 11.Qe4++- ; 8...Kd1 9.Qa2! Rf6 10.Qf2+- ] 9.Qa1+ Kd2 10.Qxf6 win.