Iuri Akobia
4 prize, O.Pervakov 50 JT, 2010

[1.Rd8? g3 2.f7 Se3+ 3.Kd3 Rf2 4.f8Q Rxf8 5.Rxf8+ Ke1 6.Re8 (6.Sd6 g2-+ ) 6...g2 7.Rxe3+ Kf2 8.Sd6 g1Q-+ ; 1.Se7? Se1! 2.Rd4 g3 3.Sxg6 h3 4.f7 (4.Rf4+ Rf2 5.f7 h2 6.f8Q h1Q ) 4...Rf2 5.Sf4 h2 6.f8Q h1Q 7.Qe8 Rc2+ 8.Kb4 Qf3-+ ] 1...Se3+ [1...Se1 2.f8Q+ Rf2 3.Qd8 Sxd3 4.Qxd3+ Kg2 5.Se7 h3 6.Qe4++- ] 2.Rxe3 [2.Kd4? Sc2+ 3.Ke5 Rf2 4.Rd2 Rxf7 5.Rxc2 g3-+ ] 2...Rf2 3.Sd6 [3.Re4? g3 4.Rxh4 g2-+ ] 3...h3 Now, black threaten will h2. White should leave rook on left and than attack to bK. But, it is necessary to choose a correct square for a rook. It appears, that a correct square is only d3. As it will be visible (see the tries), other squares create white problems. The rook will block the necessary squares. So, white moves:
[Thematic try 4.Rb3!? h2 5.Rb1+ Kg2 6.Rb2 Rxb2 (bR has blocked the line a1-h8) 7.f8Q h1Q! (7...Ra2? 8.Sf5!! and play leads to the main thematic line) 8.Qa8+ Kh2 9.Qh8+ Kg1 (impossible Qa1+ because blocked b2) 10.Qxb2 (10.Qd4+ Rf2 11.Qxg4+ Qg2 12.Qd4 Qc6+ 13.Kb4 g5-+ ) 10...Qc6+-+ ; try 4.Ra3!? h2 5.Ra1+ Kg2 6.Kd5 (6.Ra2 Rxa2 7.f8Q h1Q-+ ) 6...h1Q 7.Rxh1 Kxh1 8.Ke6 Rf4!! 9.Se8 Rxf7!!-+ (9...g3? 10.Sf6 g2 11.f8Q g1Q 12.Qh6+= ) ; try 4.Rc3!? h2 5.Rc1+ Kg2 6.Kd5 h1Q 7.Rxh1 Kxh1 8.Ke6 Rf4!! 9.Se8 Rxf7-+ ; try 4.Kd3!? h2 5.Re2 Rf3+-+ ] 4...h2 5.Rd1+! [is early 5.Rd2? Rf4+ 6.Rd4 Rxf7 7.Sxf7 h1Q-+ ] 5...Kg2 [5...Ke2 6.Rd2+! (6.Rh1? g3 7.Se4 Rxf7 8.Sxg3+ Kf2 9.Sf1 Rd7! 10.Kc5 Rd8! 11.Kc6 Kg2!-+ ) 6...Kxd2 7.Se4+ Ke2 8.Sxf2= ] 6.Rd2!! [6.Kd5? h1Q 7.Rxh1 Kxh1 8.Ke6 Rf4! to prevent Ne4 9.Se8 Rxf7-+ ] 6...Rxd2 [6...h1Q 7.Rxf2+= ] 7.f8Q Ra2! [main 7...h1Q (compare to the same move in the thematic try 4.Rb3!? where bR on b2 and impossible Qa1 with the check) 8.Qa8+ Kh2 9.Qh8+ Kg1 10.Qa1+ Kg2 11.Qa8+ Kh2 12.Qh8+ positional draw with the perpetual check by wQ (a1-a8-h8)] 8.Sf5!! gxf5 [main 8...Ra4+ 9.Kb3 (Kb5) 9...h1Q 10.Se3+ Kg3 11.Sf1+! Kg2 12.Se3+ positional draw with the perpetual check by wN (f1-e3); or also 8...h1Q 9.Se3+ Kg3 10.Qb8+ Kf2 11.Sxg4+ Ke2 12.Qe5+= ] 9.Qxf5 h1Q 10.Qe4+! [10.Qxg4+? Kf2-+ ] 10...Kh2 11.Qh7+ Kg1 12.Qb1+ Kh2 13.Qh7+ positional draw with the perpetual check by wQ (b1-h8)


FROM THE AUTHOR: The given study participated on tournament "Kasparyan 100". However, it has been "thrown out for a board". It is not known the reason of this decision. Chief judge V.Akopyan and judge A.Gasparyan have not considered it necessary to inform... (I think not only me...) I think, that it is necessary to thank them that the study has not been included in mentions of "commendation"(Have not absolutely 'burnt') of the Ty! IA *