Iuri Akobia
1.place World Cup 2010,

[1.Sd6? Rf2+ 2.Sxe4 Rxf1+ 3.Kb2 g2= ; 1.Rf4? Rxc8+ 2.Rxe4 Rxb8+= ] 1...Kd7 2.Sb6+! The first interestning moment of the study. It is tempting to play - [2.Sd6? Bg6! . This seems to draw, but recent investigations by Marc Bourzutsschky & Jakov Konoval have shown that the ending of rook and two minor pieces against rook and one minor piece is usually won. It proved possible that here White cannot sefend against exchange of one of the pieces: 3.Ka1! Rc1+ (3...g2 4.Ba7 Rc1+= ) 4.Ka2! (4.Kb2? Rb1+ 5.Ka2 Ke7 6.Re8+ Bxe8 7.Kxb1 g2= ) 4...g2 5.Ba7 g1Q 6.Bxg1 Rxg1 7.Sc4! (7.Sb7? Ke7 8.Rc8 Bf7+= ) 7...Ke7 8.Ra8 Bf5! -sight on a exchange square 6! 9.Ra7+ (9.Bd5 Be6 ) 9...Kf6 10.Ra6+ Ke7 11.Bd5 Re1! (All forces on point 6!) 12.Ra7+ Kf6! 13.Rf7+ Kg6 - with inevitable 14...Be6, exchange of one of white pieces and a draw final. ] 2...Ke7! [2...Kc6 3.Bd5++- ] Now it is possible to reduce force of battery 3.Rf4 The precipitate check 3.Rf7 +? Only improved a position of the black king: [3.Rf7+? Ke8 4.Rf4 Re2+ 5.Rxe4+ Rxe4 6.Sc4 g2 7.Ba7 Rg4 8.Bd5 g1Q+= ] 3...Re2+ Can not keep the battery - [3...Bg6 4.Bd6+ (Nd5)++ 4...Kxd6 5.Rf6++- ; 3...Bd3 4.Sd5+ Ke8 5.Bf7+ Kd7 6.Rd4 g2 7.Bh2+- ] 4.Rxe4+ Rxe4 5.Sd5+! [It appears the capture of a pawn g3 is impossible, because wN on b6. Here is only a try 5.Bxg3!? Rb4+!= (5...Rg4? 6.Sd5+ Kf8 7.Bd6+ Kxg8 8.Sf6+ ) ] 5...Kf8! The study centre. Why at once not to capture a dangerous pawn g3? - see (the line 6.Bxg3 below) 6.Bd6+! The heart of the study. Picking up dangerous pawn is in fact the thematic try: [6.Bxg3!? Kg7!! zz (6...Kxg8? 7.Sf6+ FORK; 6...Rg4? 7.Bd6+ Kxg8 8.Sf6+ FORK; 6...Re2? 7.Bh7! wins, Blackcan not to save Pa4) 7.Bh7? Rg4! (7...Kxh7? 8.Sf6+ FORK-4) 8.Be5+ Kxh7 9.Sf6+ Kg6 10.Sxg4 Kf5!= ] 6...Kg7!! [6...Kxg8 7.Sf6+ FORK] 7.Bxg3 zz 7...a4! By this waiting move Black hope to force to lose white pieces coordination. - than win the locked wBg8 [7...Kxg8 8.Sf6+ FORK; 7...Rg4 8.Be5+! Kxg8 9.Sf6+ FORK; 7...Re8 8.Bh7! Kxh7 (8...Rd8 9.Be4+- ) 9.Sf6+ FORK; 7...Re2 8.Sf4 Releasing a way to the Bg8; 7...Rd4 8.Be5++- ; 7...Rc4 8.Be6+- ] Here the black have a magic move of the king 8.Ka1!! All other steps of white breaks coordination of forces.The strongest move it seems Bh7, but it is only the thematic try:. [8.Bh7!? Rg4! (8...Kxh7? 9.Sf6+ FORK-10) 9.Bf2 (9.Bb8 Rg1+!= compare with the line 9...Rg4) 9...Rg2= (9...Kxh7? 10.Sf6+ FORK-11; 9...Rg5? 10.Be4+- ) ] 8...a3! 9.Bh7! The bishop has made the job well! 9...Rd4 The sense of 8.Ka1 [9...Rg4 10.Bb8 Rg1+ now is possible because wK has unblocked the square b1. 11.Bb1!+- Compare with the line 9.Bb8 in thematic try 8.Bh7!?] 10.Be5+ wins.-----------------------------------

.. "Beautiful study! Amazing reciprocal zugzwang position based on a beautiful domination. Excellent play of both kings (Kg7!!) and, especially Ka1!!). Witty fights all over the board, from the first to the last rank and line a to h.This stands out in the World Cup 2010!"

Judge, O.Pervakov