Iuri Akobia (with J.Mikitovics)
2.p MSV-2009

The main theme: both kings have to hide behind the black c-pawn in the mainline and thematic try.
[1.Rh1+!? Interestingly looks an attack to black king by rook: but this is only a wrong try. 1...Kg3 (after moves Kg4 and Kg5 will be same play ) 2.f7 and here black should play very accurately - 2...Sg6! (2...e2!? in case, Black will play than play leads to interesting thematic line - 3.f8Q e1Q 4.Rg1+!! Qxg1 (4...Kh2 5.Rxe1 dxe1Q 6.Qf4+ Kh3 7.Qxc4 Sd5+ 8.Kf7 Qe7+ 9.Kg6 Qf6+ 10.Kh7= ) 5.Qg7+ Kh2 6.Qh6+! (6.Qh8+? Kg2! 7.Qg7+ Kh1!! 8.Qh7+ Qh2-+ ) 6...Kg2 7.Qxd2+ Kf3 (7...Qf2 8.Qg5+ Qg3 9.Qd2+ Kh3 10.Qh6+ Kg2 11.Qd2+ positional draw) 8.Qc3+ Qe3 9.Qxc4 Sd5+ (9...Sf5+ 10.Kd7!! Qe7+ 11.Kc6= ) 10.Kf7! Qe7+ 11.Kg6 Qf6+ 12.Kh7= ) 3.Rg1+ Kh2 4.Rxg6 e2 5.Rh6+ Kg3 6.Rg6+ Kh3!! (6...Kh4!? 7.f8Q and play leads to main thematic line) 7.Rh6+ Kg4 8.Rg6+ (8.f8Q e1Q+ 9.Kd8 d1Q+ 10.Kc8 Qe4 11.Qg8+ Kf3-+ ) 8...Kh5! 9.f8Q e1Q+ 10.Kf7 Qf1+ 11.Rf6 d1Q-+ 12.Qh6+ Kg4 13.Qg7+ Kh3 14.Qh6+ Kg2 15.Qg5+ Kh2 16.Qh4+ Qh3 17.Rf2+ Kg1 18.Qxh3 Qd5+-+ Gyarmati] 1...Sg6 2.Rxg6!! [2.Rh1+!? Kg3 3.Rg1+ Kh2 4.Rxg6 e2 5.Rh6+ Kg3 6.Rg6+ Kh3!! 7.Rh6+ Kg4 8.Rg6+ Kh5!-+ see try] 2...e2 3.f8Q e1Q+! 4.Kd8 (Kc7) 4...d1Q+! 5.Kc8!! (the white King hides behind of black c-pawn) 5...Qee2 [5...Qe5 6.Qf2+! Kh5 7.Qf7!! Qg4+ 8.Rxg4+= ] 6.Qf6+! [6.Qh8+? Qh5 7.Qf6+ Kh3-+ 8.Rh6 Qxh6 9.Qxh6+-+ ] 6...Kh3 7.Kc7!! again the white King hides behind of the black c-pawn [7.Rh6+?! Thematic try 7...Kg3! (7...Kg2!? 8.Rg6+ Kh3 9.Kc7!!= see main line) 8.Qh4+ Kf3 9.Qh3+ Ke4 10.Re6+ Kd5 11.Qf5+ Kd4 12.Qf6+ (12.Rd6+ Kc3 13.Qa5+ Kb2 14.Rxd1 Qxd1-+ Gyarmati) 12...Kd3! 13.Qf5+ Kd2! (13...Kc3!? 14.Qa5+ Kb2 15.Qb4+ Kc1 16.Qc3+ Qec2 17.Qa1+ Kd2 18.Qa5+ Kd3 19.Rd6+ Ke4 20.Re6+ Kf3 21.Qh5+ Kg3 22.Qe5+ Kg4 23.Qg7+ Kf3 24.Qf6+ Kg3 25.Qe5+ positional draw.) 14.Qa5+ c3! (14...Kc2!? 15.Qa2+ Kd3 16.Qa3+ c3 17.Rd6+= ) 15.Qg5+ Kc2!!-+ now, the Black King hides behind of the black c-pawn such in main line (see the moves Kc8!!, Kc7!!)] 7...Qh2+ main B [7...Qd5 main A 8.Rh6+ Kg3 9.Rg6+! (9.Qh4+!? Thematic try 9...Kf3 10.Qf6+ Ke4 11.Qg6+ Kd4 12.Qg1+ thematic move of bK 12...Kc3! 13.Qc1+ Qc2 14.Rh3+ (14.Qa3+ Kd4 15.Rh4+ Qce4 16.Rxe4+ Gyarmati) 14...Qdd3 15.Qa3+ Qb3-+ ) 9...Kh3 10.Rh6+ Kg2 11.Rg6+ positional draw] 8.Kc8!! (same action as in move 5.Kc8, 7.Kc7) 8...Qg3 9.Rxg3+ [9.Rh6+!? Kg2 10.Qb2+ Kf3! (10...Kg1!? 11.Qb6+ Qf2 12.Qg6+ Qg2 13.Qb6+ Kf1 14.Rf6+ Qdf3 15.Qb1+ Kf2 16.Qb2+! Ke1 17.Qc1+= ) 11.Qc3+ Qd3-+ ] 9...Kxg3 10.Qe5+! draw. (EGTB) [10.Qg5+!? Qg4+-+ ; 10.Qc3+!? Qd3-+ ]