Iuri akobia (with .R.Becker)
A.Hildebrand MT, 1st prize, 2007

[1.Rxg5!? Nd6+ 2.Kd4 Rh4+ -+; 1.c4!? Rh4+ 2.Ke5 Nd4 3.Kd6 (3.c5 Kd3 4.b4 Kc4 5.Kd6 Rh6 6.Rxg5 e5+ 7.Kd7 Nc6-+ ) 3...Rh5 4.c5 g4 5.b4 (5.Rxg4 Rd5+ 6.Ke7 e5 7.b4 Kd3 -+) 5...g3 6.c6 Rd5+ 7.Kc7 e5 8.Kb6 (8.Rxg3 Rb5 9.Rg2+ Kc3-+ ) 8...Rb5+ 9.Ka6 Rxb4 10.c7 Rc4-+ ]
[1...Nxc3 2.Rxg5 Rh6 3.Rg2+ Kd3 4.Rg3+ Kc2 5.b4 (Rf3)=; 1...Nc7 2.Rxg5 Kxc3 3.Kd6 transposes] 2.Rxg5 Rh6 (Main A) [2...Nc7 (Main B) 3.Kd6 Kb4 4.Re5 (waiting move) (4.Rg3!? Kb5 5.Rc3 Kb6 6.Rc1 Kb7 7.b4 Kc8 8.b5 Rd7+ 9.Kc6 Rd2-+ ; Thematic try 4.Rg1!? Kxb3 5.Rc1 Kb4 zz-+) 4...Rg7 5.Re1! (Thematic try 5.Rh5!? Kxb3 6.Rc5 Rh7 zz 7.Rc1 Kb4 zz-+; 5.Re3!? Kb5 6.Re4 Kb6 7.Rc4 Kb7 8.b4 Kc8 9.b5 Rd7+ 10.Kc6 Rd1-+ ) 5...Kxb3 (5...Kb5 6.Rc1 Kb6 7.b4 Kb7 8.b5 =) 6.Rc1 Rf7 7.Rc6! Kb2 8.Rc5 Rg7 9.Rc6 Kb3 10.Rc1 Rf7 11.Rc6 Kb4 12.Rc2! (Thematic try 12.Rc1!? Rh7 zz) 12...Kb5 13.Rc3 zz (Thematic try 13.Rc1!? Rg7 zz 14.Rc2 Rh7 15.Rb2+ Kc4 -+) 13...Rg7 14.Rc1 zz (Thematic try 14.Rc2!? Rh7 zz) 14...Rh7 15.Rc2 zz 15...Kb4 16.Rc1 zz 16...Kb3 17.Rc5 zz 17...Ka4 18.Rc6 zz 18...Ka5 19.Rc4 zz 19...Kb5 20.Rc2 Kb4 21.Rc1 Kb3 22.Rc5 Ka3 23.Rc3+ Kb2 24.Rc4 zz 24...Kb1 25.Rc5 zz=] 3.Rg7 zz 3...Kd3 4.Rg4! [Thematic try 4.Rg3+!? Kc2! zz 5.Re3 (5.Rg7 Kc3! zz 6.Rg3+ Kb4 -+) 5...Kd2 6.Rg3 Na7 7.Kd6 Nc8+ 8.Kd7 Nb6+ 9.Kd6 Nd5 -+; Thematic try 4.Rg1!? Nc7 5.Rd1+ (5.Rg3+ Kd2 6.Rg4 Nd5 -+) 5...Ke3 6.Re1+ Kd2 7.Re4 Ne8 8.Rg4 Kc3 9.Rg8 Nc7 and Black win: 10.Rc8 Rh7 11.Rb8 Rh5+ 12.Kd6 e5 13.Kxc7 e4 14.Kc6 (14.Re8 Kd4 -+) 14...Re5 15.Kd6 e3! 16.Kxe5 e2 -+] 4...Kc2 5.Rg3 zz 5...Na7 6.Kd6 zz [Thematic try 6.b4!? Nc6+ 7.Kd6 Nd4 8.Ke5 Nb3 9.b5 Nd2 zz 10.Kd4 Rh5 11.Rc3+ Kd1 12.Re3 Rd5+ 13.Kc3 e5 14.Kb4 Rd4+ 15.Kc5 Ne4+ 16.Kc6 Kd2 17.Rh3 Rd6+ 18.Kc7 Rd3 19.Rh2+ Ke3 20.b6 Rc3+ 21.Kd7 Kd4 -+] 6...Nb5+ 7.Ke5 Na7 8.Kd6 Nc8+ 9.Kd7 [Thematic try 9.Ke5!? Ne7 10.b4 Nc6+ 11.Kd6 Nd4 12.Ke5 Nb3 13.b5 Nd2 transposes] 9...Nb6+ 10.Kd6 Nd5 [10...Kd2 11.Rg5! (11.Rg8? Nd5 12.b4 Kd3 13.b5 Nb6 14.Rg5 Nc4+ 15.Kc5 Rh3 -+) 11...Nd5 12.Re5 (b4) =]
11.b4! Nc3
[11...Nxb4 12.Re3 =; 11...Nb6 12.b5 Kd2 13.Ke5 Nc4+ 14.Kd4 Rh4+ 15.Kc5 e5 16.Rg5 zz 16...Kc3 17.Rg3+ Kc2 18.Rg2+ Kd3 19.Rg3+ Kd2 20.Rg5 Kd3 21.Rg3+ Ke2 22.Rc3 Nd2 23.Kc6 =] 12.Re3 (Ke5) 12...Nb5+ 13.Ke5 zz [13.Kd7!? Nd4 14.b5 Rh7+ 15.Kc8 Rh8+ 16.Kb7 Re8 17.b6 e5 18.Kc7 Re7+ 19.Kc8 e4 20.b7 Nc6 -+] 13...Kd2 14.Rg3 zz [14.Rf3!? Rh5+ 15.Kxe6 Nd4+ -+] 14...Na7 15.Kd6 Nc8+ 16.Ke5 Na7 [16...Nb6 17.b5 Nc4+ 18.Kd4 Rh4+ 19.Kc5 e5 20.Rg5 =] 17.Kd6 Nb5+ 18.Ke5 Kc2 19.Re3 Kd2 20.Rg3 Ke2 21.Re3+ Kd2 22.Rg3 positional draw, or 22...Ke2 23.Re3+ Kxe3 stalemate.

In two parallel variations, the wR makes precise tempo moves. In line A, these moves are along the g-file and the third rank. In line B, along the fifth rank and the c-file.